2022-2023 academic year – Terms of International Student Admissions

Bachelor and Master degree deadline – 15.12.2022

Preparatory courses – no deadline


To make for you an Invitation, we need a copy of your passport with a translation into Ukrainian and copies of your previous education documents.


International Passport

The original documents of previous education (an official document issued by your school/college/university with courses list, hours, received grades and an explanation of the grading system). Documents must be translated into Ukrainian with notarial certification. Both the original documents and the translated version of documents are needed. The documents must be certified according to the legislation rules of the country of their issue and legalized in the standard order (apostille or consular legalization)

Insurance for emergency medical cases. The duration of the insurance policy must be at least the full period of study

12 photos 30x40


Foreigners are enrolled for the appropriate level of higher education according to the results of entrance examinations in specified subjects and the language of study, and on the basis of academic rights to continue education that are provided by a document on the level of education obtained in the country of origin.

Competitive selection for obtaining a bachelor's degree includes two stages:

the language of instruction (Ukrainian or English)

an entrance examination in the subject determined by the decision of the Admissions Committee for foreigners

Competitive selection for obtaining a master's degree is carried out according to the results of the following entrance examinations:

the language of instruction (Ukrainian or English)

a professional entrance examination